Monologue #7: Bassoon dreams, sci-fi themes

Fans of Canadian synth purveyor Soft Riot will be thrilled to learn of Marcel Wave’s appearance as a bassoonist on his new limited edition CD “You Never Know What Might Come Next“. I can be heard in the middle 8 on the urban dystopia-inspired track ‘Mass Exodus’.

I haven’t been playing bassoon very long – I started it in January 2013, hiring a Czech instrument  from Howarth’s in London. The bassoon has been described as one of the most difficult instruments in the orchestra and its sound has been likened to a sea god singing. It’s the only instrument that cannot be synthesized according to Synthesizer Patel, so it seemed an obvious choice for me. I was taken with it instantly and was lucky to find a good teacher to get started in London.

After relocating to Sheffield I replaced it with a fine German Schreiber bassoon from Windstruments, a woodwind and brass emporium nestling in the West Yorkshire countryside. It’s the only shop in Crossflatts apart from a curry house and Tesco’s. It has a whole separate building full of bassoons…

I also play bassoon on the Marcel Wave tracks Lady in Pieces and Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde, which can be heard on Soundcloud.