Monologue #4: The Nights without Kim Wilde…

Visit the Soundcloud to hear the first cover ever attempted by Marcel Wave: a version of French pop star Laurent Voulzy’s 80’s hit, Les Nuits sans Kim Wilde. To compare notes, the extraordinary video for the original song is here, showcasing the narrator’s descent into obsession via talking robots, alcohol and a pinball machine adorned with Kim Wilde’s face.

It would have been impossible to match the high-gloss production of the original, and in any case, the point of a cover is not to make a carbon copy. So this version is atmospheric and ethereal, more languid than frantic, with bassoon and lush, drifting synth layers. The outro draws on an interview with Kim Wilde from Marcel’s cherished personal copy of The Face from 1982, purchased second-hand many years ago.

“Take it easy…”