Monologue #3 – Der Hammer >> Triumph of the Synthetic

Der Hammer, the club night organised by Marcel Wave and Soft Riot, was a success on Friday. Sheffield lived up to its reputation as a city that appreciates synth music, showing enthusiasm for the DJ sets by Marcel Wave aka Lady Boy, Soft Riot and Less than Zero. The italo and dreamwave tracks seemed to cause particular excitement. It was pleasing to see people enjoying music which was unfamiliar to them (Ronny, Data, new acts like Mirage and Fantastisizer), as well as the classic 80s and current chart hits (the Human League, La Roux, Heaven 17 etc.). Less than Zero got patrons throwing serious shapes in front of the smoke machine with their italo set.

The Silent Age gave a theatrical gothic performance featuring feathers, confetti and balloons! Soft Riot’s cinematic minimal soundscapes also held the audience’s attention. The Dada Bar proved to be the ideal setting, so Marcel and Soft Riot plan to host another installment of Der Hammer there in January. A few bands have already expressed interest in playing, but other offers are welcome so feel free to contact Marcel at, or via the Facebook,  if you think your band may be suitable.

For those unable to make it on the night, Marcel’s sets are on the Mixcloud. Over two hours of synth, italo and electro delights!