Monologue #12: You got me livin’ only for the night…

Now the EP is out, I’ve had a bit more time for DJing and mixing – my latest offering is up now on the Marcel Wave Mixcloud. Slave to the Synths is a blend of italo, electro and romo spanning the decades.

It seems to be my most popular mix so far, although quite a few of the tracks are fairly obscure. It’s nice to think of people being exposed to (and hopefully enjoying) the music of a band like Nancy Boy, who never had the fame they deserved in the lad rock-obsessed 90s. Or Raf’s italo version of Self Control, which predated Laura Branigan’s more famous rendition.

A special one-off Der Hammer is taking place for the North England portion of my fellow DJ JJD’s tour of the UK and Europe as Soft Riot, along with Uncanny Valley and Hausfrau. This time the venue is Golden Harvest, a café in Sheffield’s Brutalist centre which also acts as a nightspot. The date is Saturday 7 November. More details here. Sadly I can’t promise a décor of neon Disney characters but there should at least be a smoke machine.

DER HAMMER 07 : Flyer front and back