Monologue #21: Forbidden formats

As an extraordinary year enters its end phase, I hope this post finds you all well. I wish you better times ahead in 2021.

My friend Nao Katafuchi, a pleasant Japanese synth artist, recently found himself in a spot of legal bother through no fault of his own. The issue involves a statue that briefly appeared in the background in one of his videos. So I have joined other electronic musicians to help him pay his legal fees by contributing to a digital fundraising compilation. Click the link to learn more about Nao’s case and buy Forbidden Figures:

My track for the Forbidden Figures compilation

My track DVD2VHS is not for sale anywhere else. It’s a playful, slightly sinister mid-tempo number with synth tuba. I took inspiration from sci-fi, 80s mall culture, and a discreet local business in Glasgow.

I kept seeing a sign at the traffic lights near my local Asda in Govan. On a laminated, monochrome A4 sheet, “Dave” offered his services. He would transform your old VHS tapes into DVDs.

But as society now looks back with fondness on all things retro and analogue, what if someone did it the other way round… And would it be quite safe?

The compilation features many synth, coldwave and post-punk artists including Soft Riot, Madmoizel, No More (with a cover of Roxy Music’s Love is the Drug!), Martial Canterel and Legowelt. Please have a listen and treat yourself: it’s all killer, no filler!