Monologue #17: Autumn shows in Berlin and Vienna

Autumn has been my favourite season ever since I reached adulthood and it stopped meaning having to go back to school. (Although I do still indulge in the customary seasonal purchasing of nice stationery – one of life’s sensory thrills.)  I like the way the edge comes off the summer heat and the leaves turn into beautiful, warm colours. Here in Britain, it becomes jacket weather and I do love jackets.

This autumn there is something extra to look forward to! Two shows on the Continent, in Berlin and then Vienna.

Show number 1 (don’t need this pressure on)*:

Thursday 8 September, at Loophole in Berlin, with two fascinating synth acts, Soft Riot and Endlose Emotion. More details on the event page here.

Show no. 2 (electric boogaloo)**:

10 September, Bloodbeat at AU, Vienna, with Soft Riot and DJing from Peppy Mint and Vague. More details here.

*free Marcel Wave CD for the first five people to identify the two awesome numerical 80s pop culture references in italics
**only if you come to my pop concert though 😀